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Artist Statement

Art is my challenge and most of all my refuge. In a world uncontrollable, making art creates a place where  I can solve problems. These are aesthetic problems but draw on and develop real capacities in me. The problems may be traditional;  layering of color, quality of line, integrity of composition, etc but the reward is always the surprise solution.
 I often work in series,  watching a development or evolution. I enjoy the thinking and preparation process involved in printmaking.  What I love is the inevitably unexpected outcome no matter how much planning has been done.  Coordinating my mind with my nervous system in the process of making art is the dynamic of creating.

About the Artist

I am an author, visual artist and retired psychologist. I have written about social issues, art, and history. I also have co-written and produced a blues album “Shylock Sings the Blues” with an animated video that was selected for the New York  City Independent Film Festival. I have created a video “MuFTI” which has been shown at conferences and educational centers. My art has been included in various juried shows as well as a couple one person shows. Feel free to contact me.
I can be found in Shelburne Vermont or Captain Cook Vermont.

About the Methods  

Woodcut- relief printing using wood as matrix

Etching- copperplate 'bitten' into using acid and waxy ground.

Collograph- material rising above the surface of the matrix.

Monoprint- adding ink to top of plexiglass

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